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About Us

Thermal Covers Company designs and manufactures Thermal Pallet Covers and Blankets for Pharma, Food, and Perishable goods. With high production capacity without altering quality made us preferred supplier for Temperature Controlled Packaging. We have worked closely with many Pharma Companies, Global Logistics Leaders and Freight Forwarders to understand their challenges in supply chain. We worked with industry experts to developed our three grades(TC100, TC300, TC500) of Thermal Covers to overcome all the challenges face by customer.

Our team is always keen to look for challenges faced by customer during supply chain and develop the right product for their requirement, so they can deliver their product confidently with uncompromised quality.

We use highest rated heat reflective & thermal insulation material to make our products. We produce covers for all international size of Pallets (EURO,US/ISO) in addition to bespoke sizes. We can provide just top cover or Top + Bottom, as per customer needs.

Thermal Covers products are extensively tested against very extreme temperature for assured result. Hence, our product comply with GDP Standards and can be considered for shipping your Pharma/Food/Perishable temperature sensitive goods to any part of world.