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Thermal Covers 500

Specifications :

  • Thickness :   < 0.4 mm
  •  Weight : 145 gms/m2
  •  Waterproof : Yes
  •  Reflectivity : Over 95%

Description :

A single layer of bubble with laminated with metalised foil on both sides, high in performance and reflectivity. . Work extremely well on cold and hot environments. Can be reused if cover is intact in transit.

Uses :

  1. Reflation from heat radiation along with protection from cold spikes
  2. Work as insulation material between two surfaces, work in cold and hot ambient conditions
  3. More controlled over temperature spikes in supply chain
  4. Can be used as primary packaging or secondary packaging, also give more edge of protection due to bubble.

Sizes :

Can be made to order as per size requested, all global pallet footprints and heights available.

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